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 Let’s talk about SEX… or maybe not??

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PostSubject: Let’s talk about SEX… or maybe not??   Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:55 pm

Let’s talk about SEX… or maybe not??

At this time and age, is it okay to have sex? The general belief remains: it’s completely up to you, but
If you’re going to have sex, better keep it SAFE.

Not everyone will agree. Everyone’s doing it, does that make it right?”Generally speaking the ages 12-17 are very unstable period” Some girl point out “You very impulsive very immature. You’re also bound to take a lot more risk at this stage which could work to your disadvantage in this area.”
But at the time when sexual incompatibility can justify a divorce petition, shouldn’t you “test the waters,” so to speak? Sexual in compatibility, some girl says, is overrated. It should not be a factor in a relationship that falls apart. Some of them *begs to differ.” Once married you’re gonna to be together day, day out. And you are going to have sex it helps to know if you are compatible or not’

True to form, for this story, the girls were candid, while guys remained tight-lepped.Girls are naturally more vocal about sex-and are more emotionally involved .We’ve all heard the line,”KASI MAY MAWAWALASA GIRL,eh.” Though this may be true, the physical aspect of making love (as we would all prefer to call it) is nothing compared to the emotional attachment. You are, in fact, giving a part-a huge part-of yourself. Is it LOVE or LUST?.Emotion, or the absence of it, determines this
Very Happy

The million question

Is sex a real sign of love? “saying no is harder-and is more a sign of love.”Some girls say. Sound to deal? You figure.”It can be sign of love, but can also be such an unloving act.”

How do you plead?

Guilty. That’s show both the guy and girl feel right after their first time, and sometimes even on their nth time. Mostly it’s the guy. And come to think of, its not really guilty .it’s fear

Am I ready to do it?

[justify]Here are three basic questions you should ask yourself.

1. Am I doing this for my self or for this guy?
2. Is this what I want?
3. Am I prepared for the consequences? STDs, pregnancy, guilty you name it. If you’re ready to do face them all and know the appropriate actions to take if and when you do face them, then you are ready. Again, we cannot stress this enough-be SAFE!

Girls tell it as it is
“Sex is a need of a body. It’s like food.Honeslty for me, those who don’t crave sex, they’re not
human.that’s makes us HUMAN.Everbody needs to be loved and touched… sex is healthy !”

Guys tell it as it is
“Sex is the most precious gift you can give your lifetime partner, the ultimate expression of love, trust and commitment.”

WE asked you….” Is it okay to have sex?”

Girls: 52% said yes; 48% said no
*out of 44 respondents
Guys: 88% said yes; 12 said no
*out of 44 respondents
But nowadays it is not like this…think about it?

lol! Very Happy Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Let’s talk about SEX… or maybe not??   Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:10 pm

daleee comment aman kau huhu Very Happy
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Let’s talk about SEX… or maybe not??
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